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Homemade pizza

Made by our experienced chef, we made ​​from powder to baked, guests can choose their favorite flavors, including Hawaii, seafood, mushroom and so on.

Big   ﹕$ 78

Small﹕$ 40

(Dine-in, take-away available)



Jelly Beer - Sole supplier in Cheung Chau

We are using unique technology to produce, the texture of beer is jelly.

With light beer, black beer and other flavors, different flavors of friends can taste their own flavor beer.



Italian Coffee

The coffee machine is introduce from Europe, we carefully to select coffee bean, providing strong Espresso and creamy Cappuccino.

The smell of coffee can just smell when you arrive the pier, if you want to enjoy high quality coffee in Cheung Chau, Cheung Po Tsai restaurant is your first choice.



Healthy Choice - Organic Pasta

Cheung Po Tsai restaurant provide healthy food to guests, so we select organic pasta from Italy to guests.

Our pasta has refreshing texture and tasty sauce, those are well-matched with the chef cooking.